Band NameArtwork TitleYearsCategoryLink
AbominateCrónicas de la atrocidad 2017Cover Artwork
AbonationPromo / Demo2016LogoVisit
AbonationThe Mortal World and Gallery End of Era2017Cover Artwork
Abstract PutrefactionPromo / Demo2014Cover Artwork
Angel Of DeathWalking Out from 05:142015Inside Cover
AralsubhaPromo / Demo2017Cover Artwork
AmorgodAggression ov Hypocrisy2016Cover Artwork, Booklet Layout
AstyanaxEmbalmed with Afterbirth 2018Cover Artwork
Avenger of BloodOn Slaying Grounds2016Cover Artwork
Breeding SpawnPathogenic Mechanized Abomination2016Cover Artwork
Bloody AnatomiesParasick2016Cover Artwork
Brain DamageIndulging Cannibalistic for Mutilation 2018Cover Artwork
CannabiesGreen and Noxious2014Cover Artwork
CannabiesSativa Syn 2015Cover Artwork
Capital PunishmentSentenced to Capital Punishmen2018Cover Artwork
Cerebral ExtinctionInhuman Theory of Chaos2014Cover Artwork
Cerebral ExtinctionNecro Parasite Anomaly2017Cover Artwork
Chalice of SufferingFor You I Die 2016Cover Artwork
ColpocleisisFallopian Fallout 2017Cover Artwork
Compulsive MutilationExigent Cuntlust 2015Cover Artwork
Consumed by VulturesBand Logo2015LogoVisit
CorrosiveLucifer Gave the Faith 2017Cover Artwork
Cranial ContaminationEngineered Human Obsolescence2016Cover Artwork
Cranial ContaminationFrom the Absence of Existence2018Cover Artwork
CrepitationOnset of Horrendosity2019Cover Artwork
CuntscrapeSplit My Bitch Up2011Art Coloring
Dead CarnationsHarmony Hell Decade 2014Cover Artwork
Dead MeatUnleash the Gore2020Cover Artwork
Decomposition of EntrailsPestilential Synthesis 2016Cover Artwork
Decrepit CadaverVórtice a lo macabro 2017Cover Artwork
Defiled AutopsyDemo / Promo2016Logo
Defleshed and GuttedDefleshed and Gutted2014Cover Artwork
DemonseedHuman Disposal Syndicate2016Cover Artwork
DemonseedRomance2019Cover Arwork
Desecrate the FaithUnholy Infestation 2017Cover Artwork
DesvirginizagorePutrid Vagianal Blood2016Cover Artwork
Texas Murder CrewEveryone’s Last Breath2020Cover ArtworkVisit
NecrotisplatterLegions of the marker2020Cover ArtworkVisit
WastelandSplit Album2020Cover ArtworkVisit
Vortexlighthouse2018Cover Artwork
VortexThe Asylum2016Cover Artwork
Vaginal AddictionOrgy of Depravity2018Cover Artwork
Ulterior DecimationMaelstorm of Debauchery (EP) 2017 Cover Artwork
TyrannisSupreme Tyrannical Order2017Cover Artwork
TruculencyMemetic Pandemic2015Cover Artwork
Towering AbominationPits of Malebolge (EP) 2017Cover Artwork
Towering AbominationTowering Abomination2016 Cover Artwork
The Dark Prison MassacreOvertreated Cause Opposited (EP) 2019 Cover Artwork
TenggorokanExecution of Death2015Cover Artwork
SyphilectomyEpidemic Consummation2018Cover Artwork
Suicide of DisasterEvisceration of Pregnant Abdomen2014Cover Artwork
SufismPromo 2016 (Demo) 2016Cover Artwork
SufismReptilia Buas (EP) 2015Cover Artwork
StigmatuaryDecimation of Psyche2016Cover Artwork
Stench of VirginityDestruction of Human Conscience2019 Cover Artwork
SplatterpussSplatterpuss (Demo) 2015 Cover Artwork
Spirit of RebellionThe Reign of Denial 2018Cover Artwork
Spirit of RebellionThe Enslavement Process2015Cover Artwork
Sperma RejectHellcroot (EP) 2014Cover Artwork
SodomophiliaDemo 20132013Cover Artwork
SodomizedRaised in Meat2015Cover Artwork
Slaughtered RemainsParasitic Cannibalistic Infestation (EP) 2015Cover Artwork
SapraemiaDisintegration of Permanent Atoms (EP) 2015Cover Artwork
Ruptured BirthTransmutant2016Cover Artwork
Ruins of FaithDark Evil Illusory Substance2018Cover Artwork
RottenblastPasukan Tak Bertuhan2013Cover Artwork
RegethLawan dengan Tunduk2015Cover Artwork
ReducedPromo Series (Demo) 2014Cover Artwork
Rawlanguish2020Cover Artwork
Raped by PigsMental Diseases and Congenital Malformations2019Cover Artwork
Qu Kangen NihAntique dan Ketaian Yang Haqiqi (EP) 2017Cover Artwork
Putrid WombSlam Induced Priapism (EP) 2019Cover Artwork
Putrid WombPropensity for Violence2017Cover Artwork
PurgatoirePassé décomposé2016Cover Artwork
Project HarbingerLurking in the Sewerage2015Cover Artwork
ProfanationInto Cascades of Blood and Burning Soil2019Cover Artwork
PrimordiusGenetic Devastation2017Cover Artwork
PrimordiusFecal Formations (Single) 2016Cover Artwork
Prey to GodPrey to God (EP) 2016Cover Artwork
Post-Apocalyptic TerrorFace of Disgrace2015Cover Artwork
Pestilent AgeNovgorod 2017Cover Artwork
Pestilent AgeMedieval Holocaust2016Cover Artwork
Pathological SadismCadaverously Enwormed in Putridity (Demo)2017Cover Artwork
PaimonArs Goetia (EP) 2020Cover Artwork
OsmedTerritory of Warfare2018Cover Artwork
Omnipotent Hysteria2015 Promo 2015 Cover Artwork
Ominous GatekeeperOminous Gatekeeper2014Cover Artwork
NecrosisTortured Suffering of Perverse Intent (EP) 2019
Myocardial InfarctionPostmortal Slam Party2018
MortalityMurka Dosa2019Cover Artwork
Menstrual DisconsumedConsuming the Infinite Rancidity2016Cover Artwork
MeatknifePimple with Pus2016Cover Artwork
MDMAMalicious Activity (EP) 2017Cover Artwork
MausoleumIntense Mortification2015Cover Artwork
MausoleumPile and Burn 2020Cover Artwork
MausoleumEating Your Fucking Brains2014Cover Artwork
MausoleumSlime / Intense Mortification (Split) 2015Cover Artwork
LecternFratricidal Concelebration2015Cover Artwork
KurnugiaForlorn and Forsaken2020Booklet Layout
KalumanKaluman2014Cover Artwork
InvigorateSanctity the Last of Misery2019Cover Artwork
Intracranial ParasiteDeviations Period of Inhumane2015Cover Artwork
Internal DevourTransmutation 2014 (Demo) 2014Cover Artwork
In DemoniThe Grand Slam2018Cover Artwork
ImperforataImmortal Untreated (EP) 2016Cover Artwork
Human WormsSplit Album2020Cover ArtworkVisit
Human BashingProvoking the Wicked (EP) 2014Cover Artwork
Horde CasketMelted Together2020Cover ArtworkVisit
Hell SkuadLiege of Inveracity2015Cover Artwork
Hail CaligulaBacchanalia Sanguis2017Cover Artwork
Grilled Human BrainHorrific Subjugation2015Cover Artwork
GrausigRe-Abandoned, Forgotten & Rotting Alone (EP)2019Cover Artwork
GoreventIn the Face of...2018Cover Artwork
Glutton for PunishmentThe Mutilation Process2018Cover Artwork
Glutton for PunishmentNo Longer A(Live) (EP) 2017 Cover Artwork
Glutton for PunishmentPurified in Blood2015Cover Artwork
Glutton for PunishmentLying in Torment2014Cover Artwork
Germinativum Instrument of Human Butchering2016Cover Artwork
GangrenousNecrotic Tumor of Mankind2016Cover Artwork
GangrenectomyRampage (Split) 2018Cover Artwork
FleshlessDoomed 2018Cover Artwork
FleshlessDethroned in Shadows (EP) 2017Cover Artwork
FetorDownwards to Distress2020Cover ArtworkVisit
Feeble MindedCollapsing Existence2019Cover Artwork
Failed VirginBeheading Reception with Vaginal Blood2014Cover Artwork
FadihatFamily Mortuary Cannibalism2016Cover Artwork
ExpendiencySadistic Murder2017Cover Artwork
EspermorragiaThe Human Misery in Decline2017 Cover Artwork
Ending TyrannyEvolution of Deceit2015Cover Artwork, Booklet Layout
E-ForceDemonikhol2017Cover Artwork
Dream of ScipioThe Face of Fear2016 Cover Artwork
Dramatic ViolentShrines of Hypocrisy (EP) 2014Cover Artwork
Disgusting CastigationPerpetual Carve on Manifest Torture2018Cover Artwork
DevangelicDeprecating the Scriptures (EP) 2015Cover Artwork
DesvirginizagorePutrid Vagianal Blood (Single) 2016Cover Artwork
Desecrate the FaithUnholy Infestation2017Cover Artwork
DemonseedRomance (EP) 2019Cover Artwork
DemonseedHuman Disposal Syndicate2016Cover Artwork
Defleshed and GuttedDefleshed and Gutted (EP) 2014Cover Artwork
Defiled AutopsyDemo 20162016Cover Artwork
Decrepith CadaverVórtice a lo Macabro2017Cover ArtworkVisit
Decomposition of EntrailsPestilential Synthesis2016Cover Artwork
Dead MeatUnleash the Gore (EP) 2020Cover Artwork
Dead CarnationsHarmony Hell Decade2014Cover Artwork
Damned By The Pope Excommunication2019Cover ArtworkVisit
CuntscrapeSplit My Bitch Up (Split) 2011Cover Artwork, Art Coloring
CrepitationOnset of Horrendosity (Split) 2019Cover ArtworkVisit
Cranial ContaminationFrom the Absence of Existence2018Cover ArtworkVisit
Cranial ContaminationEngineered Human Obsolescence (EP) 2016Cover ArtworkVisit
CorrosiveEd2020Cover ArtworkVisit
CorrosiveLucifer Gave the Faith2017Cover Artwork
Consumed by VulturesIn Eterno2017LogoVisit
Consumed by VulturesDemonstration of Negative Way2015Cover Artwork, LogoVisit
Compulsive MutilationExigent Cuntlust2015Cover Artwork
ColpocleisisFallopian Fallout2017Cover ArtworkVisit
Chalice Of SufferingLost EternallyCover ArtworkVisit
Chalice of SufferingFor You I Die2016Cover ArtworkVisit
Cerebral ExtinctionNecro Parasite Anomaly2017Cover ArtworkVisit
Cerebral ExtinctionInhuman Theory of Chaos2014Cover ArtworkVisit
Capital PunishmentSentenced to Capital Punishment2018Cover ArtworkVisit
CannabiesSativa Syn2015Cover ArtworkVisit
CannabiesGreen and Noxious (EP) 2014Cover ArtworkVisit
Brain DamageIndulging Cannibalistic for Mutilation2018Cover ArtworkVisit
Bloody AnatomiesParasick Promo Single (Single) 2016Cover Artwork
Bleeding SpawnPathogenic Mechanized Abomination2016Art Coloring, Cover Artwork
Avenger of BloodOn Slaying Grounds2016Cover Artwork
AstyanaxExtreme Antinatalist Design2020Cover ArtworkVisit
AstyanaxEmbalmed with Afterbirth2018Cover Artwork
ArmorgodAggression ov Hypocrisy (EP) 2016Cover ArtworkVisit
AralsubhaPromo 2017 (Demo) 2017Cover Artwork
Angel of DeathWalking Out from 05:142015Inside cover (except track 9)
Abstract PutrefactionPromo 2014 (Demo) 2014Cover Artwork
AbonationThe Mortal World and Gallery End of Era2017Cover ArtworkVisit
AbonationPromo 2016 (Demo) 2016Logo (as "Rudi Gorging Suicide") Visit
AbominateCrónicas de la atrocidad2001Cover Artwork

Labels / Events / Community:

Client NameMedia / WorkYearCategoryLink
MutinerieDigital Art2013Beer BrandingVisit
Chicago Domination Fest 3Event Poster2016Pen DrawingVisit
Death Before WinterPoster and Merchandise2019Pen DrawingVisit
Ontario Deathfest 6Event Poster2018Digital ArtVisit
QCDM BBQ 2Event Poster2015Pen DrawingVisit
QCDM BBQ 3Event Poster2019Pen DrawingVisit
Stillborn SoundMerchandise2013Digital ArtVisit
SP Custom GuitarsMerchandise2017Pen DrawingVisit
Songwriter Modal Codex - Brutal Slam DeathBook Cover2019Digital ArtVisit


Client NameMedia / WorkYearsCategoryLink
Deni LisainSkateboard Deck2016Pen Drawing, Hard Clear CoatingVisit
John Munozpersonal art2020pen drawingVisit
Deddy PermadiT-shirt Drawing2017Pen Drawing, Garment Pencil
KijunBKDM Art Cross Logo2018Digital ArtVisit
Brian HoffmanGuitars Icon2015Digital ArtVisit
Brian HoffmanMerchandise2019Pen DrawingVisit