METAL GUITAR SCALE / BRUTAL SLAM DEATH – Songwriter Modal Codex Book Cover

You are obviously a guitarist who has the power to be an amazing songwriter. That’s affirmative, you have earned the right to express this talent within you.

Whether you are already in a well-known metal band or a striving musician who is flipping burgers, I can tell it’s important to you to be incredibly creative and appealing to the major labels of the music industry. As a matter of fact, there’s only one thing that separate the prodigy of the songwriter to the swagger jacker of another rip-off metal band. Would you be surprise if I tell you that musicians who are successful with songwriting have simply learned how to decipher their inner power and use all its asset to their glorious improvement?

Imagine what would happen if this songwriter modal codex book will do the work for you. It will accelerate your creativity when you learn to understand and play with the scales. It will reinforce your musical composition and allow you to create a kick ass riff within minutes with any scales in the songwriter modal codex book. You will have control over all the notes within a scale, chords and lead guitar melodies. In fact, this songwriter modal codex book will make sure you always play in the right key and unveil a magical power and mind-blowing reactions to the ears of your listeners.

A guitarist who is interested in improving the quality of his songwriting will have all the tools inside this songwriter modal codex book. You probably already pictured yourself with a goal or an idea of what you want to sound like musically. Maybe you want to write riffs. Maybe you want to simply learn what lead guitar scale to play over another scale. Perhaps you need to learn more chords voicing in order to expand your musical vocabulary. Nevertheless, of what your objectives are right now, I can assure you will get the results you are looking for in your songwriting because you are talented.