Menstrual Disconsumed – Consuming the Infinite Rancidity

This is one of the sickest Indonesian One Man Brutal Death album. Contains 8 massive Brutal Death tracks, has almost 39 minutes insane brutal composition that will slave your ears. On this album I combined Brutal drumming of PUTRIDITY and dynamic riffing of DISENTOMB, DISGORGE, AND INVERACITY. You will find new taste experiences of machine drumming. It won’t disappoint you.


released September 13, 2016

All instruments are executed by Nugek
Lyric and music performed by Nugek
Produced and distributed by: Brutal Infection Records
Recorded at: Heavens Drive Music Studio
Mixed and Mastered by Fachrizal Tofano of NECHRONOME AUDIO
Cover art by Rudi Gorging Suicide Art