Feast of the Antipathy – Quod A Billion Feram Er Obstupescent Eius Festum Iam Inceperat, Inceperat Omnibus Quae Ad Finem Vitae. Exitio Generis Malis Et Unefecium Destructo Rei Sanitatem Copias Purus Semper, Bestia Festum Inchoat A Tenebris Vera Invehitur

CHG 247
The beast of a debut album from Florida based Technical Slamming Deathcore act Feast of the Antipathy conjures all demons and summons the absolutely and undeniably evil. Only those with the devils tongue will be able to speak the language of ‘Quod A Billion Feram Er Obstupescent Eius Festum…’, the music will explain everything… Welcome to the doomsday ritual of the rise of the best with a billion teeth…
Technical Slamming Deathcore from Fort Myers, FL
FFO: Infant Annihilator, Signs of the Swarm, Lorna Shore

Sean McHenry- Guitar
Derrek Connolly – Vocals
Nick Saia- Drums
Brandon Searing- Guitar
Evan Seals – Bass

Feast of the Antipathy
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released October 3, 2019

Vocals & Lyrics written by Derek Connolly
Guitar/Bass written by Sean McHenry
Drums written by Nick Saia

Produced by Corrector Studios
Mastered by 1776 Recordings

Artwork by Gorgingsuicide ART

Printed & Distributed by Chugcore Records