Slamdakota Death Fest
Third Edition
Showcasing local and regional talents.TWO DAYS
Indoor/outdoor, rain or shine
Sponsored by Bigs Bar, Undead Scene LLC

Mutilated By Zombies -Death metal from Dubuque, IA
DAMNED BY THE POPE -Death Metal from Kansas City, MO
Virulent Excision -Slamming Brutal Death Metal from Chicago,Illinois
Deterioration – Deathgrind from the Twin Cities, MN
Traverscion -Galactic Melodic Death Metal from Sioux Falls, SD
Carnographer -Slamming Brutal Death Metal from Omaha, NE
Toxic Ruin -Thrash, Progressive, Death Metal from Sheboygan, WI
Oppress the tyrant- Slamming brutal death metal from Sioux falls SD
Semtex- death metal from Twin cities
Nailed shut- death metal from Minneapolis
Morthereon- Sioux city Death metal
Abolishment of flesh- Texas finest death metal
Cheap Porno Flick- Nebraska Metal
Rising plague- Progressive metal from Iowa
Malignant Reign- Death metal from Iowa
Goremonger-cyber grind from Illinois
Orpheus- thrash death metal from Omaha NE
Gorgatron- brutal death and thrash from Fargo ND
Dark Arrival – metal from Cherokee IA
Sins of Anubis-Metalcore from Sioux falls SD