KATAPLEXIA – The Rise Of The Unknown

Released by: ROTTEN MUSIC (England), GUTTURAL BRUTALITY PRODS (Brazil), BRUTAL MIND (Indonesia).

released January 25, 2019

All Music intervention & biological playing
by Rodrigo Fatality Artiga & Davi Moreira
Recorded at Xhapulin’s & Xhupacabra’s
Studio Room by Davi Moreira & Rodrigo Fatality
Audio Production, Mixing & Mastering by
Davi Moreira & DM Audio Solutions
Galaxy’s exploitation during the timelapse of
2018 Helsinki & Espoo, Finland

Cover disclosure Artwork by Rudi Gorgingsuicide Art
Booklet Exposure by Rodrigo Fatality Artiga
Logo & Layout by Rodrigo Fatality Artiga
Kataplexia’s Recording line-up is:

  • Davi Moreira
    All Guitars & Bass
  • Rodrigo Fatality Artiga
    Vocals & Drums